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Career Transition

AP Thrive Career Transition reduces your organisation’s risk, at the speed your changing organisation needs.

AP Thrive works with you to determine the most appropriate means of career services delivery – be it one-on-one, digital, 
or a blend of both. 

How the 'Thrive' Program Works

AP Thrive simplifies giving your departing employees the support they need.

Select your

AP Thrive offers ultimate flexibility to businesses by allowing you to select the amount you want to invest in each employee’s career transition service.

Activate the

Your employees receive an invitation to take up the service and access the tools available to them.

Customise your

Your employees work with our career experts to design a service that will meet their needs, selecting from over 130 specialist career services and over 23,000 learning and upskilling programs.

Key Service Features

Features AP Thrive Traditional Career Transition Providers
12 Months Support
1:1 Career Coaching
Career Marketplace
Over 130 specialist career services
23,000+ learning and development programs
Resume Builder
Career Path Explorer
Job Matches and Job Search Tools
24/7 support

Participant Outcomes

Participant Net Promoter Score

Our net promoter score is 68.
The industry average score is 28.

Increased Employer Brand Perception

91% of candidates seek out at least one online or offline resource to evaluate a potential employer.

Strong Employer Relationships

Creating a positive experience to support departing employees is more important than ever.

“My life and career entrepreneurial dream is now in the beginning stages of reality thanks to Thrive. The experience from start to end was phenomenal and had no hiccups. Support was easy to reach via the platform digitally and the human interaction is what Thrive is great at. I am truly grateful. Thrive will be my career transition go to and will recommend it to anyone I know.”

Samira, Previous Thrive Participant

Corporate Features

AP Thrive simplifies giving your departing employees the support they need.

The need to enable individuals to fulfill their potential is clear.

“The Deloitte 2021 Global Human Capital Trends survey found that executives believe that the number-one factor in being prepared to thrive in a world of perpetual disruption is the ability for workers to adapt, reskill, and assume new roles. Yet only 17% of those executives believe their workforce is ready to do so.”

How the 'My Future' Program Works

For those that need a more intensive, coach-led service, we offer a tailored ‘My Future’ program. This program provides a range of individual and group coaching, as well as workshops and the tools to manage one’s job search.

For more information about our tailored programs, contact us below.

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