A Career Solution from Directioneering

Career Redeployment

Outsource employee retention and fill internal roles quickly by implementing the AP Thrive Redeployment program.

How it works

Internal redeployment services save up to 50% versus recruiting to fill new roles.

Outsourcing internal redeployment provides effective results, all while freeing up time and resources. The AP Thrive integrated platform is easy to use and offers the ultimate choice and flexibility.

Identify Role In Demand

Feature in-demand roles directly to participants.

Invite Users

Easily invite and manage your employees on a schedule that works for you by using our self-serve Client Portal.

Select Deposit Amount

AP Thrive assesses participants’ existing skill sets, and provides them with a guided action plan. Paired with professional coaching, they feel confident to apply for any internal opportunity.

Employer Outcomes

Employee Retention

Future-Ready Workforce

Engaged, Agile Workforce

“I am forever grateful with my employer for giving me the opportunity to take my time with the transition, while supported by the AP Thrive team. The AP Thrive team had my back, I did not feel alone in this journey, and the resources were easily reached, at my fingertips.”

Caroline, Former AP Thrive Participant

Redeployment Process Comparison

How AP Thrive Improves

Delivery of Redeployment

  • Integration with internal job board or HR Information Systems
  • Access to career coaching and upskilling platforms
  • User choice and flexibility controls the experience

Why AP Thrive Redeployment Is Different

How Companies Currently
Deliver Redeployment

  • Staff notified of impending need to find a new opportunity
  • HR/task group works with the individual to find a new job

Why The Current Process Does Not Work

A leading bank migrated all of their redeployment support to AP Thrive in November 2023 as a way to simplify its corporate talent mobility processes and ensure employees impacted by role redundancy were well supported to identify and apply for alternative roles within the bank and to avoid losing skilled and loyal team members.  

The bank selected AP Thrive as their partner based on our ability to manage their role redeployment and redundancy process from end to end, providing not only redeployment career support but access to upskilling and reskilling programs as well as outplacement support for those employees who elected not to seek redeployment.

AP Thrive has worked closely with the bank to design an end-to-end program the provides individualised career support to its employees navigating change, that reflects the bank’s strong employee values. 

Corporate Features

AP Thrive simplifies giving your departing employees the support they need.

The need to enable individuals to fulfill their potential is clear.

“The Deloitte 2021 Global Human Capital Trends survey found that executives believe that the number-one factor in being prepared to thrive in a world of perpetual disruption is the ability for workers to adapt, reskill, and assume new roles. Yet only 17% of those executives believe their workforce is ready to do so.”

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