A Career Solution from Directioneering

Toni Binstead

Career Coach


Since initially joining Audrey Page & Associates (APA) in 2007, Toni has consistently demonstrated her breadth of knowledge and expertise to help individuals and groups to resiliently navigate their futures in a rapidly changing personal, professional, and economic landscape.

Toni facilitates APA’s group Masterclasses with a dynamic style focused on delivering sustainable learning outcomes, enabling participants to develop and fine tune the essential skills, tactics, and strategies that maximise successful career transition results.

Whilst coaching to develop essential job search skills, Toni ensures that participants focus attention on development of resilience and wellbeing techniques so that they bolster emotional energy to be at the top of their game, both when in job search, and when they start their new roles.

Toni’s style is practical and commercial with the aim of supporting participants to reach their professional potential and achieve their career plans.

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