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Nick Mair

Career Coach


With a career marked by a series of influential roles in recruitment leadership at industry giants such as Boeing, Peabody, and Volvo Group Australia, Nick brings a wealth of experience and expertise.

In 2020, Nick embarked on a new journey by joining Audrey Page & Associates, where he seamlessly merged his extensive background in HR and talent acquisition with a profound commitment to career outplacement coaching and mental health advocacy.

Having transitioned from a distinguished career in HR and Talent Acquisition, Nick brings a unique perspective to coaching, placing emphasis on values-based approaches to resume development and LinkedIn branding. His coaching style is characterised by a focus on showcasing an individual’s value to potential employers and guiding them to present themselves as confident professionals. He understands the common concerns and fears associated with crafting resumes and talking about one’s achievements, and addresses these challenges by fostering an environment of support and encouragement.

As a highly regarded and trusted career coach, Nick eagerly looks forward to the opportunity to collaborate with individuals on their journey toward professional fulfillment and success.

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