A Career Solution from Directioneering

Claire Mahomet

Client Relationship Manager & Career Coach


Since joining Audrey Page & Associates (APA) in 2019, Claire has demonstrated significant adaptability and flexibility in response to ongoing change. This experience provides her with empathy for participants who are facing change associated with their periods of career transition.

Claire’s motivation is to be of service to others and this shines through when either influencing ASX200 leaders or guiding a front-line customer service professional to develop a resume.

Claire utilises active listening skills, ensuring that each participant she supports knows that they are being heard and that their story is important.

Claire’s pragmatic and action-oriented approach ensures that each participant is fully supported to traverse the job search experience with confidence and capability.

With a “never say never” attitude, Claire supports her participants to overcome real and perceived obstacles. They are coached to drive their search campaigns to land the right job in the best time possible, covering all bases and not avoiding the challenges along the way, which may otherwise slow down progress.

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