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With unmatched expertise, we'll support you through change:

When Audrey Page & Associates was founded in 1998, it was with the intention that all employees should have access to quality personalised career support.

Now under Directioneering’s stewardship, APA’s legacy has continued to develop as the dynamics of business, technology and individual engagement have evolved. To better meet the needs of employees today, APA incorporated world-leading technological solutions into its offering in 2020, becoming AP Thrive in 2024.

AP Thrive provides highly personalised career support services that enables your employees to access the career services that best meets their needs . Whether a one-on one program or unique AP Thrive Career Wellness marketplace AP Thrive provides your employees with a level of choice and control that is essential to leading a fulfilling career. No matter your employee’s ambitions for their career, AP Thrive has the people, services and tools to help them succeed.

We believe that every change is a chance to find new meaning in our careers and to continue them with renewed purpose. We don’t believe this to be a particularly comfortable process - quite the opposite. But we think it worthwhile - necessary, in fact, if we believe ourselves to be more than just any one title, one company or job.

Solutions for all employee levels:

AP Thrive provides in-person and digital career services. Through our broader portfolio of branded career solutions we are able to provide best-practice career services that are fit for purpose and meet the diverse needs of all employee groups.

Directioneering is our open-ended career solution for senior executives. For more than twenty years, its methods and world-class coaches have shaped the career paths of leaders who have in turn changed the face of corporate Australia.
Job Navigation specialises in steering organisations through significant change. We support the industrial, trades, and operational sectors to ensure workforces remain agile and equipped for the future. Delivering onsite, customised career solutions Job Navigation prepares your employees for the job market and the future of work.
Two Point Zero provides career advice and strategies to students, graduates and young people early in their career, and anyone looking to explore alternate career pathways. By taking the time to get to know each of our clients personally, discerning their strengths and interests, we are able to guide them toward a path that truly resonates with their aspirations.
“My life and career entrepreneurial dream is now in the beginning stages of reality thanks to AP Thrive. The experience from start to end was phenomenal and had no hiccups. Support was easy to reach via the platform digitally and the human interaction is what Thrive is great at. I am truly grateful. Thrive will be my career transition go to and will recommend it to anyone I know.”

Samira, Previous Thrive Participant

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