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People are unique, so are their needs. AP Thrive helps individuals to manage their careers.

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Learning Platforms for Upskilling & Reskilling

Software-Driven Career Management Tools

Tailored 1:1 Career Coaching Sessions

AI Powered Career Pathway Exploration & Analysis

A glance at how AP Thrive helps individuals

Seetal, AP Thrive Participant

We believe career wellness is...

Having a fulfilling job that you love

If a third of our life is spent working, it’s important to help employees be happy with what they do.

Having the skills for the future of work

Providing employees with the tools and resources to upskill and reskill for work today and tomorrow.

Having support throughout your career

Having the right guidance and support, employees can grow in all stages of their careers.

People are unique. So are their needs.

AP Thrive helps employees connect to the tailored support and services they need, based on data, insights, and analytics.

So how does the platform work?

In addition to having access to a suite of career management tools and resources, AP Thrive participants can select from a marketplace of over 130 career services to create a support program that is customised to their unique needs.

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AP Thrive is flexible to your budget. Programs can start at only $500 per person.

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Flex Spend tokens allow individuals to access a range of AP Thrive Marketplace services.

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Every individual has unique needs. AP Thrive offers them ultimate choice.

The Marketplace

The AP Thrive Marketplace brings together industry leading career services. Individuals can choose from over 130 services from traditional career services, learning and development services, and contemporary career services. Learn more about our wide range of support that can be accessed.

Our AP Thrive Programs

Our customers use AP Thrive to drive career outcomes for their employees. Our platform is used by ASX listed companies, Small-Medium Businesses, and even Government Organisations.

Career Transition

Support talent with outplacement services.

Career Redeployment

Talent mobility support for existing employees.

Career Management

Invest and develop talent within your organisation.

Upskilling and Reskilling

Develop the skills you need in your business.

“As an organisation, we recognised the benefits of adopting a contemporary approach when it came to our career transition support. We chose AP Thrive because of the technology and its flexibility. The platform provides a much more customised transition experience for departing employees and better reflects their needs, ambitions, and goals. We are now able to offer more value to our exiting employees while experiencing cost-savings along with a high level of service and commitment to our needs.”

Lead, People & Culture Specialist

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